The accreditation schemes that SAC operates are Management Systems Certification Bodies, Inspection Bodies, Product Certification Bodies, Verification & Validation Bodies, Calibration and Testing Laboratories, Proficiency Testing Providers as well as Good Laboratory Practice. Each scheme offers a specific set of capabilities, and they are altogether designed to accommodate the different products and services currently in the market.

Management Systems Certification Bodies

Management System

Search for accredited management systems that are internationally qualified to ensure that your practices meet with high standards.

Calibration and Testing Laboratories

Calibration and Testing

Search for accredited laboratories that conduct tests, calibrations and measurements in a spectrum of fields.



Product Certification Bodies

Product Certification

Search for certification bodies that have been accredited with a trust mark and confidence to offer its services nationally and globally.

Inspection Bodies


Search for accredited inspection bodies that will benchmark your work practices against the world’s best practices.



Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Facilities

Good Laboratory Practice

Search for recognised facilities that provide non-clinical safety testing in accordance with the OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice.

Proficiency Testing Providers

Proficiency Testing

Search for accredited proficiency testing providers that offer credible sources of PT programmes for benchmarking of your laboratory.



Personnel Certification Bodies

Personnel Certification

Search for certification bodies that have been accredited to provide assurance in certification of persons.


Validation and Verification Bodies

Validation and Verification Bodies

Search for accredited bodies performing validation and verification activities based on recognised metholodigies.