Thumbs up from the Industry


Often during the accreditation process, organisations that embrace quality will find ways to continually streamline and improve their operations, thus becoming more efficient and effective at managing their resources. Their ability to meet rigorous international standards and processes shows that they have proper systems in place. This ensures better record keeping and higher competency so that the data is reliable and credible. Ultimately, this enhances their reputation and the quality of services provided, propelling them to greater heights in operational excellence as well as in gaining new business.

Our valued Customers and Stakeholders share their congratulatory messages here, as we mark the 10th anniversary of the SAC and 20thanniversary of accreditation in Singapore.

Analytical Laboratories (Singapore) Pte Ltd


"By getting accredited, ANALABS has gained international acceptance of our test results through various Mutual Recognition Arrangements among accreditation bodies. This has greatly enhanced the credibility of our operations."

Mr Chua Boon Chun
Managing Director

Analytical Laboratories (Singapore) Pte Ltd

SETSCO Services Pte Ltd

"SETSCO Services became the first testing laboratory to be accredited by SINGLAS in 1987 in the field of Mechanical Testing. We have not looked back since and went on to garner five other fields of testing and two fields under the Accreditation Scheme for Inspection Body, bringing a total of eight accreditation certificates to date.

Being an accredited laboratory has significantly contributed to Setsco’s business strategy and effectively facilitated our marketing efforts in growing our customer base and expanding geographically. Accreditation has brought about greater recognition and trust of our services among clients and this, in turn, assures the commercial viability and survival of our company in the face of competition and markedly lower margins."

Mr Sze Thiam Siong
General Manager
SETSCO Services Pte Ltd

SGS Testing & Control Services Singapore Pte Ltd


"We realised the benefits of being an accredited organisation and having an accredited laboratory management system very early into the programme. We were one of the earlier laboratories in Singapore to be accredited under SAC-SINGLAS, and also to the other SAC programmes. As a multinational company servicing borderless clients, a well-planned, implemented and accredited laboratory management system promotes consistency, efficiency and improves customer satisfaction. The Mutual Recognition Arrangements that come with SAC schemes provide us recognition and increased client confidence not only locally but also worldwide. Our continuous accreditation by meeting requirements of regular assessments of our system required by SAC is an objective endorsement of and testament to our technical competence and integrity."

Mr Cresenciano Maramot
Managing Director
SGS Testing & Control Services Singapore Pte Ltd




"TÜV SÜD PSB was honoured to be the first certification body in Singapore to be accredited by the SAC in 1997.  As a globally recognised testing and certification body, we needed accreditations that could enhance our international stature so as to ensure our test reports and certificates are recognised and accepted by local and overseas markets.

In this context, SAC accreditation has served "TÜV SÜD PSB well.  SAC has always participated and played an influential role in the regional and international accreditation arena and "TÜV SÜD PSB has benefited from the formulation of international, strategic partnerships.  Our certificates carrying the SAC Mark are well accepted.

Furthermore, SAC facilitates cross frontier accreditation through its mutual recognition arrangements (MRA) with accreditation bodies in IAF.  With this arrangement, it reduces cost through mutual acceptance of each other's accreditation audits.  I am sure the SAC will continue to provide more value-added services to all its clients."

Mr Richard Hong
Chief Executive Officer